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Create a Winning Tender Bid

Ideally a combination of four little-known elements…

You might think that creating a winning tender bid is just a case of throwing together a submission document in Word. Because, sadly, that’s what most companies do.

Of course, most companies do not win a majority of the tenders they submit proposals for. Let alone win up to 94% of them. 

So, doing what most companies do is guaranteed to not work most of the time. That’s because their proposals are dry, dull, unappealing and in some cases, downright coma-inducing.

Our philosophy is to treat every proposal we create as if it were the very last one to be read, late on a Friday afternoon

It has to be not only good enough to keep the reader’s attention, but actually improve his mood. So we do things rather differently. We separate the proposal creation process out into four key areas that can then be tackled by people with those key skills:

  1. Tender Writing: It all starts with words. Because, well, without telling your prospective client why they should pick you, they aren’t going to! But while most companies write in the boring, jargon-stuffed language they think clients want to hear, we do things differently. Because we know from experience what clients actually want to hear.
  2. Proposal Design: Even the best words won’t achieve much if your proposal only gets glanced at. We pair our copy with truly stand-out design that puts you into an entirely separate league to that of the majority of your competitors. We’ll build on your existing branding materials to create something that, quite frankly, we can only describe as “sexy”.
  3. Pre-bid Strategies: While all this is going on, and assuming there’s time, we get busy with something truly unusual: establishing a relationship with your client before they receive your proposal. Imagine that. Starting a conversation before asking for a date!
  4. Presentation Training: So you know how people hate public speaking? Seriously, they loathe it. They are terrified of it. But…unfortunately the success or failure of a proposal often rides on how you present it in person. And we know you probably don’t want to do this - and we know your client will sense this like a dog smells fear. So we’re going to train you up, and make this problem go away.

You can click on any of the links above to learn more about our tender bid services. But if you’re already convinced, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation?


How to Win a Successful Tender Proposal?

In New Zealand, many sectors use tenders as a response to procurement processes. The tender process varies by field – there are different laws and formats for commercial tenders and government tenders, for example – but the basic premise is the same:

So why do your tenders fail? You understand the tender process, you've followed the instructions, and you've included all the information – so what's the problem?

Simply put – your tenders are boring. They might appear to be interesting to you, but to the reader, they're boring. They focus too much on the price. They read exactly the same as the hundred of other tenders the reader received.

But what if, instead, your tenders leapt out of the pile and demanded attention? What if they hooked the reader from the first page with strong design elements, compelling writing and a strong presentation? What if instead of writing tenders that read like a price list, you could send in a compelling sales letter that had a success rate of 94%?

Whether you're writing commercial tenders or government tenders, it's important you stand out from the rest. There are several elements that combine to ensure your success in any tenders New Zealand:

  • Establishing a pre-bid relationship
  • A strong visual aesthetic that stands out from the pack
  • Design elements tailored to your branding
  • Compelling copy that outlines and enhances key messages
  • A confident presenter who demonstrates knowledge about the tender process.
  • With all of these elements in place, the client will see your company as a polished, professional practice who can deliver not just on the project specifications, but on the overarching goals and issues surrounding their project.
At TenderWins, we provide commercial, government and building tender services for a ranger of clients all over New Zealand. We understand the tender process inside and out, and know that impressing is more than just quoting the lowest price.

Our services include

  1. Pre-bid strategies: One of the best ways to win tenders nz is to establish a relationship with the client before the tender process even begins. We show businesses how to lay on the charm and create strategic pre-bid materials and techniques that reinforce your brand message before the client even sees your tender.
  2. Most people writing tenders do not understand the persuasive power of words. When we write a proposal, we're creating a powerful sales document that shows the client the features and benefits of your tenders and how your company will work toward achieving the overarching goals of the project.
  3. Tenders that stand out have the best chance of winning. While other companies produce documents using the same templates, your government tenders and commercial tenders will be instantly recognizable. We integrate your branding with a dynamic, personable and aesthetically pleasing designer document that demonstrates your company's attention to detail and desire to stand above the rest.
  4. But all these elements must come together in a compelling presentation. If the team member chosen to present the tenders isn't a confident public speaker, your entire presentation could be a flop. We work with your team to convert your commercial tenders and government tenders into an interesting and dynamic presentation. We work on creating the right length and dialogue and instilling confidence in the presenter.

There's a reason our clients have won over half a billion dollars in contracts in the past two years. Why not let us help your company succeed? If you're wondering why your tenders aren't winning any clients, contact TenderWins today for a free evaluation of your tenders.


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