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Pre-Bid Tender Strategies

80% of tenders are won before the proposals hit the tender box…

One of the main reasons we have such a high success rate is that we don’t just rely on the tender document.

When you think about it, that’s like relying on your charm and snappy dressing to get a perfect stranger to marry you.

As with marriage, you’ll have a much better chance of success if you build a relationship beforehand.

Since you’ll often know about a tender up to a year before it’s due, you have a special opportunity to create a long-term campaign. Your tender document is just the final flourish. The diamond ring on one knee, if you will.

So we work with you to build a relationship with your prospect well before the tender process begins.

How it works

Although there are a lot of options for these kinds of campaigns, with a lot of different channels - networking, direct mail, all that jazz - we’re big fans of keeping it simple.

We start with a workshop to find out who your prospective customer is, what your relationship is currently like, and what we can do to get you in front of them more.

Then we narrow down what precise messages you want to present.

Then, depending on what we’ve come up with, we create…

  • brochures
  • video
  • events
  • trade magazine ads
  • editorials

…there are a lot of strategic pre-bid options. The important thing is that we pick the ones which will be most effective for you - and we tie them directly in with the messaging you’ll be using in your tender presentation document. So by the time your client sees that document he already knows everything in it. Reading it is just a formality. He’s already convinced.

That’s how you make sure your competitors don’t even get a look in.

Does this seem like a good time to find out more about how this pre-bid strategy stuff can work for you?

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