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Presentation training

Don’t leave the final, crucial step in a tender submission to chance 

It’s said that most people would rather die than speak
in public.

Unfortunately, someone in your team may have to make a face-to-face presentation to your prospective client. And this presentation can be a deal-breaker. You’re talking to key players - and if they don’t “feel”, your presentation, the most beautiful tender document in the world
might not save you.


After all, if a client is tossing up between you
and a competitor, who’re they going to go with? 

The team they like better in real life, right?


We want to make sure you look just as good during this final leg of the submission process as you did at all other times. So, since all normal people fear and loathe speaking - and therefore find it very hard - we offer specialist presentation training to bring your team up to speed. Things like:


  • Converting your existing submission document into an interesting talk

  • Figuring out the ideal length

  • Building confidence and animation (no one wants to listen to someone who mumbles at the floor!)

  • Avoiding “glitches” like ums, ahs, and off-topic rambles

In other words, we’ll teach them how to hone up their presentation skills, stand up and get the key messages across personably
and professionally, without being boring and droning on -
as it’s so easy to do when you’re on the spot.

We also create custom PowerPoint slides to go with the presentation, based on your existing tender submission
document. And of course, to learn more…

Or find out about other services

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