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What to expect from our tender process...

So you probably want to know what to expect if you work with us. How does our tender process look? What comes first? How long does it take? That sort of thing. 


As tender proposal specialists we understand that every project is different, we can move within your deadlines to help make the tender process run smoothly


Pretty straight forward - we get together either by phone or in person and discuss your project. We find out your timeline and client requirements. 


This follows on naturally from the briefing. We get the new team together in a workshop to plan a strategy and theme around your bid. This is where we create the key messages for your project - the ones that will set you apart from your competitors. For more about that, you might want to check out what makes our Tender Writing so special.


Once we’ve planned your theme and worked a strategy around it, it’s time to get implementing. Putting your strategy into practice can include organising brochures, events, videos, advertising and more - check out our Pre-bid Strategies for details.


Here we get your foot in the door for the tender itself. We prepare the EOI documents you need -writing them, creating a template that matches your brand, designing a layout that’s both readable and striking, getting any photography done …and of course having them professionally printed on
high-quality stock to make them look their best or create an outstanding digital document.


After you’re shortlisted, it’s RFT time - time for

the real meat: preparing the submission
documents. As tender proposal specialists we can help with writing, design, layout, print and digital file. Speaking of design, you may want to check out more about our 
Proposal Design services.


Aaah, the infamous presentation. We know you
hate public speaking. So we coach you. That way,
you can pull off a confident, interesting presentation - because rest assured your potential customer
hates sitting through presentations almost as
much as you hate giving them. We also help you
with your messaging, powerpoint, even videos
and leave-behind material. Check out more about our 
Presentation Training if you’re interested.
Or if you’re already sold, why not…

Or you can... learn more about us first

To discuss your tender process call 021 760 498


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