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The 12 Tendersins

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but that’s NOT the case with the tendering process. We’ve developed an approach that is making our clients’ competitors howl.

Our tricks of the trade are on the one hand straightforward but also revolutionary. We don’t accept the ‘boring, business as usual’ approach. We like to stand things on their head so they become outstanding.

In terms of content, look and feel we think outside the square but without going too far out on a limb. We believe in being
fresh and compelling and have the means of making sure your documents stand outside the pack.

A new leash on tender life: Book a one hour, no cost, session with us and we’ll show you the tricks of our trade. You’d be (barking) mad not to.


For an evaluation of your tender presentation materials just call 021 760 498
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