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Bid proposal help
asked questions.

If you’re wondering something, it’s a good bet you’re not the first. Here is
a list of questions we often get asked. But if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, just get
in touch with our tender process specialist.

1. “How can you add value to our business?”

One word: differentiation.

The key to winning tenders is standing out from the other bidders. That’s really hard without the right skills and experience - supported by the right marketing techniques.

We make standing out easy for you. 

We help you to show your intended client that you’re the team
to pick, by…


  • Helping you to communicate effectively with your client
    before the formal bid process begins

  • Developing an overall strategy for your bid

  • Honing your messages during the bid process

  • Creating bid designs that express your values and stick
    in your prospect’s mind

  • Writing your bid document in an approachable,
    persuasive manner


For more, 

2. “What makes you better than other
tender-focused companies?”

We know what it takes to win.

We are the tender process  specialist and our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped companies like you win more than $4 billion dollars worth of work through the tender process in recent times.

We’ll help you in the same way. We’ll prepare you for the tender process. We’ll start you talking to your client during the pre-bid period - so you already have a relationship at bid time, and they understand their value to you (and yours to them). We’ll get under your skin, working with you to find out what makes you tick – and how what you offer is right for the job at hand.

We also know we’re taking tender documents to a new level because of the referrals we’ve been getting. Not only is our design at international best-practice level (pretty rare in New Zealand unfortunately), but we go way further than other companies because we also hone your message. Good design is useless if you’re not using it to deliver a message your client wants to hear.

For more, see our services on:

3. “What kinds of businesses have you
worked with?”

All kinds.

We work with companies across the business landscape - from engineering through to construction, utilities, maintenance and energy, and much more.

It doesn’t make any difference what you do - our skills transfer across to any sector because we’re focused on delivering the right message, rather than just on providing technical expertise.

4. “How long have you been doing this?”

A while.

We’ve been working in our own fields - design, writing, marketing and so on - for decades. We employ the best of the best from not only New Zealand, but also the UK and around the world. As a team, we’ve been focusing on tenders since 2008.


5. “What’s your success rate like?”


Our success rate is over 80%. That’s how we’ve helped companies like you win more than $4 billion dollars through the tender process in recent times.


6. “How do we get started if we want to work
with you?”

Let’s start with a meeting.

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty, we need to meet up to discuss the project. First of all we need to know where you are in the bid process. Do you have time for a proper workshop to plan your pre-bid approach and points of difference - or do we need to get down into the EOI/RFP details straight away?

The best bid processes start at least a year out from the bid itself - but we can jump in wherever you are. We’ve worked to help companies all the way up to doing a final edit of their documents only a few days from the close date. But the first thing is always to start the planning process.

You can call us on 
021 760 498 to get started right away. Or…

7. “How long will it take to prepare the
tender documents?”

It depends.

What’s the extent of the information you need to submit? Each
RFP is different. A wise minimum is one month - although six is better! That said, we have helped companies win work with only
a week to prepare.

8. “Can you help us with the face-to-face presentation of our proposal?”


The in-person presentation is often a deciding factor in winning a bid - and one at which most people fail. So we offer bid proposal help including training on the core skills you’ll need to ace this part of the process:  

  • Creating compelling PowerPoint presentations that fit neatly with your submission

  • Speaking training…helping your speakers to focus on their message and to speak confidently

  • Producing powerful leave-behind documents

9. “What do we need to do before the tender documents come out?”
Here’s the minimum:

Although there’s a wide range of stuff we can help you with in the pre-bid environment, we really need a good idea of at least these four things:

  1. Your plan during the pre-bid process

  2. Your key messages for the bid process

  3. The people you intend to place into the project team

  4. Your referees

10. “What other services do you provide?”
Quite a few actually.

We’ve got a lot of expertise on tap, from senior public relations experts to veteran marketers and designers. We help businesses
to create marketing plans of many kinds - from brand creation through to tender submission bids, and beyond.

Since tenders are one activity within the marketing spectrum, we have the expertise and track record to ensure your wider marketing efforts are aligned and consistent. Why not talk to us about it?

Call us on 021 760 498, or



For an evaluation of your tender presentation materials just call 021 760 498


Give us a call on 021 760 498
or click here to email us directly.
Or, if you want to get right into
it right now, use the form on the 

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