Why should you
choose TenderWins to help you navigate the tender process?

Here are 5 reasons
you'll be hard-pressed
to argue with.

The truth is: Yes, there are other companies who offer tender process help in NZ.
But there are no other companies that can do
what we do. We are specialist tender writers and tender designers.






We’ve helped companies like you win more than $5 billion through the tender process over recent times.
We know what it takes to win.


We’ll help you to prepare your business better for the tender process - because we use the pre-bid period to communicate with your client so they know how much the work means to you. This is something overlooked or neglected by other companies like us.


With our tender help you will stand out from your competition - not only with truly unique, enticing designs, but by helping you to show your client that you really care about the project. This is hard, and we can only do it because…


We bring PR disciplines to bear in our tender work, meaning we can focus on honing your message into a form that your client wants to hear, rather than what you think they want.

Quite honestly, we KNOW we are taking bid submissions to a new level - not just because of the results we’re getting, but also because of the referrals and testimonials we’ve received. Why not join us? TenderWins – tender specialists in NZ.

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