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Tendering tips exposed: The ultimate do's and don'ts you need to know

Don’t: Waffle

When the tendering organisation asks questions - say nothing of substance in as many words as possible. Keep repeating the same thing over and over again.

Do: Be succinct.

Don’t: Be arrogant.

Do you think that the tendering organisation must know you so well that you have no need to bother answering the question completely or submitting your best response as they have to accept your tender?

Do: Assume nothing. Be confident, but humble.

Don’t: Offer a bribe to the tendering organisation’s evalution team members.

Buying them a car will surely get them to award you that tender… not!

Do: Be honest.

And have a strong moral compass that helps you get repeat business.

Don’t: Use the same tender response.

Or templates you used for another tender. So what if it’s a different organisation with different company names, criteria and questionnaires etc…

Do: Tailor your tender response.

To the organisation tendering, just like you would with a resume.

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