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Tender process help.

The tendering process can seem like a mystery. You follow the instructions and spend hours producing tender documents only to have them rejected again and again. What is it the winning tenders have that yours don't? How can you produce a tender proposal that lands you a big contact?

Thats where our process can help and expert advice comes in - from pre-bid strategies to tender writing and tender document design. Our team of bid strategists, designers, marketers and writers has over two centuries of experience in winning tenders and creating successful tender documents.

Keys to tender proposal success.

We separate the tender proposal process into four key areas, bid strategists tackle each area.



One of the reasons behind our high success rate (94%) is the fact we don't just rely on the tender documents. A client is more likely to choose a tender proposal from a company they know and trust. Our bid strategists believe a targeted pre-tender strategy will help the client to fall in love with your company before your tender proposal is even submitted.

We figure out who your prospective customer is, figure out how best to get them to pay more attention to your company, and narrow down the marketing message you need to send them. Then our bid strategists produce a range of marketing materials you can use to effectively establish a pre-bid relationship.



Words are powerful. But when you're trying to produce a business document to a tight deadline, you focus on getting the information down on paper and forget to create a compelling tender document that convinces the client why they need you.

Tender writing is an art form, and our team of experienced copywriters can add a little Van Gogh and Monet to your boring tender documents. We create proposals that are enjoyable to read, that support the key messages of your company and show the client how you respond to their needs.


There's a reason we have a 94% success rate - we produce interesting, relevant and targeting tender documents that get your company noticed.


A compelling tender document won't get you anywhere if no one even looks at it. Think about this - if you were a client looking through hundreds of tender documents, and every one looked the same, seemed to be written on the same template, would you not get bored? Would you not start to skim through them, looking for one that stood out?


Be the company that stands out in the tendering process with a custom-designed tender document that incorporates your unique branding message. Our design team get busy with typefaces, logos, charts and colours to create professional designer tender documents that complement your branding message. We're not afraid to experiment and produce a tender proposal that can't help but grab attention.



With your sparkling new tender documents inhand, it's time for the fourth and final stage of the tendering process - presenting your tender documents to the client. But if the presenter is less than confident as a public speaker, or comes across as indifferent, unknowledgeable or dull, you could lose the tender.


Luckily, presentation skills can be learned, so at TenderWins we have a team ready to coach your team into top-notch public speakers. We can help you hone the presentation, cure that stage fright and eliminate ums, ahs and off-topic rambles.
With our help, any member of your team will be able to stand up and deliver your message personably and professionally.


A successful tender proposal isn't some kind of unsolvable mystery - it's all about learning to sell yourself and your company, and standing out from the pack. With a solid pre-bid strategy, our tender writing and tender document design services and a slick presentation you'll soon find the tendering
process isn't as scary or unfair as you thought.

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