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Top tendering tips for 2024

When it comes to tender proposal design, most tender proposals fall flat on their faces from the very beginning. After all, who's going to want to look at yet another plain-jane tender proposal design?


Most tender proposals get the proportions of things wrong. Getting the balance right makes an enormous difference to the subconscious perception of the document.


Different colours carry different connotations. Using the right ones in the right places is important.


Normally tables and diagrams are the bane of any reader. But with the right layout and styling they can be a pleasure to behold, and convey crucial information quickly and accurately.


Every font has a personality. Times and Arial are cubical-dwellers, we're guessing you're not. So pick a font that conveys who you are. Which will get more attention? Which will be taken more seriously?

If your tender proposal doesn't stand out, it doesn't catch the eye and it doesn't invite the reader in. If it doesn't make them want to treat it with reverence, then you aren't putting your best foot forward.

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